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Vicon Transfers produces revolutionary heat transfer products. If you have a heat press, you can start using our superior heat transfers within your business!

We produce heat transfers that are
  • Full-Colour
  • Stretchy
  • Vibrant
  • and
  • Tough

  • ( ... and there's no weeding )

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Available Now

If you have a heat press, you can apply UltraFlex™ heat transfers to custom clothing, sportswear and promotional products. UltraFlex™ is the simple solution for 1 or 2 colour prints with all the benefits of UltraColour™.

UltraFlex™ Tagless
Available Now

Go tagless and remove the need for annoying clothing tags. Using UltraFlex™ Tagless you can replace all your woven tags with heat transfer clothing and care labels.

UltraFlex™ Reflective
Coming Soon

With all the features of UltraFlex™ but with a reflective finish. Great for combining hi-vis safety with logos and branding.

UltraFlex™ Product Information


Available Now

If you have a heat press, you can apply UltraColour™ heat transfers to your custom t-shirts, sportswear and promotional products. They are vibrant, stretchy and tough - the ultimate heat transfer for every application.

UltraColour™ Work
Coming Soon

Need something even tougher? Our UltraColour™ Work can be washed in hot water up to 90˚C degrees. Now that's tough.

UltraColour™ Stretch
Coming Soon

The stretchiest and softest heat transfer possible. Perfect for application on premium garments that require maximum stretch.

UltraColour™ Low Temp
Coming Soon

Printing on heat sensitive products? You need UltraColour™ Low Temp. Ideal for bags, umbrellas and other promotional items.

UltraColour™ Product Information